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Filtering bots

For some of Log Hero’s clients, it makes sense to filter out certain bot traffic and non-bot traffic before it is sent to Google Analytics to reduce the total number of hits being sent there.

Google Analytics allows for a maximum of 10M hits per month per property in its free version. While the limit rarely is enforced, the notification / reminder inside GA can be annoying as well.

To reduce the number of hits, Log Hero has a functionality that allows his users to filter incoming traffic based on their User Agent.

Setting up the filter

To filter traffic based on the User Agent, go to your project overview and click on the little gear icon next to any of your projects and click on Add Filter.

adding filters to log hero

Anything you will enter now will become the positive filter, i.e. only if it contains your text / regex, it will be allowed to pass into your Google Analytics.

For example: To only see Googlebots crawling your site, you can just enter googlebot. To have both Bing and Google visible, you would use googlebot|bingbot.


Regex to filter bots


Updated on December 11, 2018

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