General Questions

What does Log Hero do?

Log Hero captures any hit, whether it was triggered by a human or a bot, such as Googlebot, through one of his extensions. He then augments the data with important information such as the user agent and many more and uploads it in a newly created Google Analytics property. Now you can analyze the data at your convenience. We recommend you sign up for a free account to test him.

Can anything go wrong?

Nope, not if you follow our integration instructions. Anyways, on larger sites, we strongly encourage you to roll him out on a staging server first. Also, the Hero doesn’t mess with your original Google Analytics account but creates a duplicate one with the bot data, so you and your GA data are absolutely safe!

Is Log Hero GDPR compliant?

Yes, absolutely. We are only working inside super compliant Google Analytics and add no PIIs (personally identifiable information) for any users. This means that you’ll get data such as IP address only if it was verifiably a bot.

Does the Hero also work with Adobe Analytics, WebTrekk, or Piwik?

Sure he does. Just shoot us an email: support@log-hero.com.

Can I get data from the past?

No, Log Hero will start collecting your bot data only from the moment you implemented his integrations.

How do I disconnect the Hero from my accounts?

Just go into your Google permissions settings and disconnect the guy.

Billing and subscriptions

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. You will only be billed for the current month.

I want to upgrade or downgrade?

Just go here, click on the gear icon next to the domain and select “change settings”, then go to step 2. Now you change the plan and click “Save”.

How do I cancel my account?

Just go here, click on the gear icon next to the domain and select “change settings”, then go to step 2. Now you select the Little Hero plan and click “Save”. Also, you can deactivate your domain by choosing “Deactivate domain” after clicking on the gear icon.

We're an agency. Do you have a different pricing model?

Yes, for agencies and those with many domains, we have both discounted prices and flat fees. Reach out to us at agencies@log-hero.com.

Where can I get my invoices?

You can find your invoices in your profile under billing.

Data questions

When will I get the first data?

You’ll have your first data shortly after installing one of Log Hero’s integrations in the source code of your site.

What will I see?

You will see not only sessions from humans but also from bots. Also, you will see how they crawl your resources, such as image files, robots.txt, any hidden pages. For you to get all information that you’re used to from a normal log file analysis, the Hero throws in his many custom dimensions.

Why is there a difference in the data?

You will not only see all human visitors (including those ones that are blocking GA’s tracking) but also bots.

How do you collect the data?

The data is collected by Log Hero’s integrations. They exist for most programming languages and server frameworks and capture hits before they are sent to your servers. They send them over to Log Hero, who makes it GA compatible, and uploads them into your new GA account.

What is Log Hero actually submitting to Google Analytics?

The hits that Log Hero collects are pushed to GA as page views. The data is augmented before he uploads it and it comes with more information such as bot names, status codes, etc, so that you can analyze it effectively. This data is passed on as custom dimensions.

Integration questions

What frameworks does Log hero support?

Currently Log Hero supports WordPress through a super easy to use plugin, PHP and Apache. We’re constantly adding new plugins and you can let us know, which one we should build next here.

How hard is it to implement his integrations?

This really depends on which of the integrations makes most sense for you. If you are using WordPress, then it’s a matter of fewer than two minutes. The Apache or PHP integration might take you considerably more time if you’re testing them properly.
However, we took great care to write a top-notch integration instruction and can also help you with the integration on your site.

Could we also just change the JavaScript snippet instead?

No, that wouldn’t work. JS won’t capture the bots. Log Hero has to be implemented on a deeper level.

How will the integrations work with browser-side full-page caching?

If no data is requested from the server, Log Hero won’t record any data (just as any other log file analyzer. However, browser caching is not a problem with search engines.

Do the integrations works with CDN?

We’re working on it and have it for some CDNs already. Reach out to us at support@log-hero.com and we’ll find a solution.

Upload property

Why do I have to create a new property?

We don’t want to mess with your main GA account and hence create a new one. Also, it stops duplicates from appearing in your account, since your GA JS already captures some sessions.

I can't create a new property?

This means that you don’t have edit permissions for the GA account. You can

  1. Switch accounts (click the button CHANGE ACCOUNT)
  2. Open a new GA account.
  3. Get edit permissions on account level ( Go to your Google Analytics account > Admin > User Management).
I have edit permissions but still can't create a new property?

In 100% of the cases, you have edit permissions on property level, not on account level. However, to create a new property, you need account level permissions. To give it to yourself, please go to your Google Analytics account > Admin > User Management.

Error Handling

I have some issues with an integration.

Here is where we collect all known issues with our integrations..

I can't set up an account?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial talking about you best set up Log Hero.

I stopped getting data?

Go to your profile, click on the gear icon next to the domain and select change settings. Now just follow the setup funnel once more. If you still won’t get data the next days, reach out to us support@keyword-hero.com.

GA says: Data volume exceeds the GA limit?

This means you got too much traffic for the free GA account. But don’t worry, follow these steps and you should be fine!

Updated on August 14, 2018

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